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12 Ways to Change Your World

The Way of the New Earth Ninja

Love1 Love

See through the eyes of love. Practice looking at everyone, and everything, including fear, shame, hopelessness, anger, greed and depression lovingly. Include CEOs, the Rothschilds, Tony Blair, Saddam Hussein. Wherever you see with fear or attack, love instead.

Wake up2 Wake up

Wake up – to the truth of your being as infinite consciousness, and the reality that most of the ways we have set up the world, especially religion, marketing, education seek to disempower people from the truth of this, such that they be more easily controlled. Realize you and the world are one – own your own shit and transmute it by loving it. If we desire a peaceful world free of greedy sociopaths running banking and medicine scams and illegal wars we can help by working to be free of greed, fear and falsehood in our own life.

Educate yourself3 Educate yourself

Find free guided meditations, a life-changing book and suggested reading and organizations for awakening humanity here.

Take time4 Take time

Take time to be, dance, sing, laugh, meditate, make love, walk in silence; regularly give yourself the gift of connecting with your own beautiful being. In Joy Meant 🙂

Take action5 Take action

Take action, from love, talk with others in your community about what you are learning and the world you want to see. Let your politicians know you expect them to serve people not profit. Sincerely thank every police officer or military personnel you meet, politely request they remember their first responsibility is to serve and protect the people, not enforce the immoral laws of those who would send them to their death.

Commit6 Commit

Commit to focusing on what you want to observe more than what you have observed. The future is created through our observation now. If we only tell a story of what has been, what is undesirable, we experience more of this. When we tell a story of what is to come, what is desired, we experience more of this. Get in touch with the deepest truth – all is well.

Unplug7 Unplug

Unplug from the matrix – turn off corporate media, it’s a business that makes money selling advertising which stimulates fear and lack to make you buy stuff you don’t need and use medicines which make you ill. Liberate yourself. Realize you are love and you are enough, that happiness is an inside job.

Commit8 Consequences of your choices

Consume and spend conscious of the consequences of your choices. Wonder what a world without money might look like.

Commit9 Ask to be happy

Start each day asking to be happy, not for you, but for all whom you encounter.

Powerful10 You are powerful

Remember, you are powerful. So powerful you can pretend you are not, even give your power away, to government, medical orthodoxy, fear. Maybe quit doing that.

Garden11 Community garden

Create a community garden and enjoy creating organic food with new friends.

Path12 True purpose

Determine your true purpose and live it. Your suffering serves noone, your joy everyone. Smile 🙂