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Love & Truth Party is a community empowering New Earth Ninjas to thrive and be the change. We connect people with love, their true nature and illumine the matrix of fear and ignorance supporting the liberation of humanity. Celebrating Life and the human spirit we inspire embodiment of higher consciousness, exploring a new human story. Welcome to a hub of Transformation, Inspiration and Revolution!


THE 7 HAPPINESS HACKS - We are on a mission to share the basics of happiness. 7 Questions, 7 minutes, to change your life, boost your wellbeing and pass it on!


JOY OF GIVING - Experience and research confirms – in giving we receive. We select extraordinary, high-integrity good causes and offer you the opportunity to feel good giving, in just a few clicks!


THE LOVE LETTERS AND WAKE UP CALLS - Our goal is to connect people with love by sharing a million love letters by 2020. Wake Up Calls point people to their true nature and aspects of the matrix of fear and ignorance from which humanity is awakening.


THE CONSCIOUSNESS MANIFESTO - More and more are awakening to their true nature, realizing infinite and eternal being. Such awakening and its embodiment and integration supports a more functional human community.


THE 12 WAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD -The way of the New Earth Ninja. A New Earth Ninja is a revolutionary change agent, embodying higher consciousness and living the new human story.


LOVE & TRUTH PARTY ONLINE -A team of teachers, music, poetry, WOW science fact, globally synchronized meditation, embodiment practices and more. A unique celebratory experience designed to uplift, inspire and awaken.


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Love and Truth Party Love Letter – 100 pack

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Love and Truth Party Love Letter – 100 pack

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The Love Letters And Wake Up Calls Are A Powerful And Fun Way To Be A Revolutionary Change Agent, A New Earth Ninja, And Create More Love And Awareness.

Printed on recycled paper and using natural inks where possible. Distribute in your communities, on buses, trains, park benches, ask for permission to leave a pile of love letters at your local yoga studio, bookstore or wellness center. Help us smash our goal of distributing a million love letters to the world! Have fun creating a more loving and aware world – be sure to be loving and aware as you do so.

Normal price is $0.20 per card. Buy in bulk and save!

Note: postage is an additional cost

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Weight 450 g

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