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Love & Truth Party is a community empowering New Earth Ninjas to thrive and be the change. We connect people with love, their true nature and illumine the matrix of fear and ignorance supporting the liberation of humanity. Celebrating Life and the human spirit we inspire embodiment of higher consciousness, exploring a new human story. Welcome to a hub of Transformation, Inspiration and Revolution!


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THE CONSCIOUSNESS MANIFESTO - More and more are awakening to their true nature, realizing infinite and eternal being. Such awakening and its embodiment and integration supports a more functional human community.


THE 12 WAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD -The way of the New Earth Ninja. A New Earth Ninja is a revolutionary change agent, embodying higher consciousness and living the new human story.


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Consciousness Manifesto

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The Consciousness Manifesto; 12 Invitations to a Secular, Evidence Based, Socially Engaged Spirituality

Secular – free from dogma or religion, transcending yet including true teachings. Embracing reason and logic and aware of their limitation.

Evidence-Based – informed by science yet free from belief systems such as materialism or the popular logical fallacy that if science has not proved it, it does not exist. Relying on evidence of personal experience. Claims of spiritual attainment or insight must be evidenced in action , influence not through talking talk but walking walk.

Socially Engaged – bypassing spiritual bypassing we feel a joyful responsibility to care for all life. We are not of this world yet we are in it and offer the frequency of love as we contribute to creating a world of higher functioning.

We are Human Beings – not Human Doings, Sinners, Consumers or Biology. That we are all being is clear. We are united in our being. These invitations are offered that you may know your own Being, and the peace, love, joy and purpose found here.



Love is Truth. Much more than the love of chocolate or another person or an emotional high. Infinite impersonal love. A frequency we can learn to receive and emit. Cannot be commanded, only remembered and realized. Manifests as kindness, compassion, forgiveness, listening, clarity and discernment. Being Love.


Truth is Love. Truth is Paradox. Truth is Unity. Truth is experienced and experiencing you right now. Realized as being one with all, no you separate from the world. The end of the dream of separation. Manifests as integrity, honesty, authenticity. Being Undivided


Being your uniquely beautiful self, as you are. Becoming free from reactivity, defensiveness, the need to be liked or fear of rejection. Manifests as deep peace. Being Real


Sharing what is real, because it is. Free from fear of rejection, fear of not being enough. Embracing our humanity and allowing the discovery that we are entirely loved. Being Loved


Living from knowing rather than thinking. Accessing higher intelligence than the limited intellect – Being Felt

Humour, Happiness, Fun, Play, Awe, Wonder, Marvel, Laughter, Love-Making

Being human, exploring and enjoying the vast variety of experience. Being present to the delight available in this moment. In joy meant! Being Joy


the natural movement of Being to express love through compassionate action. Bowing to something greater than oneself. Discovering in giving we receive. Being Connected


The recognition of the truth. We really don’t know as much as we think we do. Being Honest


‘Response-able’ for one’s life and co-creating a new earth. No guru is responsible for your enlightenment, no priest your salvation, no doctor your health, no psychotherapist, pill or partner your happiness, no government our collective wellbeing. Ending the pretence of victimhood. Being Empowered


As an aspect of that which creates universes we are creative beings. Joy is found in creating. Recognizing your life is your own creation, our world our co-creation. Becoming a conscious creator. Being Creative

Celebrating Community, Collaboration and Co-Creation

The old story was all about me, the new story is all about we. Celebrating being alive, celebrating being in relationship. Being United


Free from fear, falsehood and control. Casting light upon the shadow – whether our own shame, greed and hatred or the secretive power structures of global politics. Being Liberated